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Research group

Our scope and main lines of research

PRODIGI reseach group (Personal and Professional Development through Digital Genres) was created in April 2020 at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (Spain). Our aim is to analyse and understand the use of academic and professional digital genres that serve or promote the internationalization and development of intercultural competence. 


The research of the group adopts a global and integrative approach that includes, among other perspectives, the multimodal analysis of the (inter)action among the users of these genres. This approach allows the identification of the underlying relationships that govern the personal and professional development of these, as well as the transfer of their (inter)action practice during the use of other digital or analogical genres.


The main lines of research that concern us are the following:

  • Academic and professional digital genres

  • Personal and professional development

  • Multimodal (inter)action analysis

  • Multimodal interactional competence

  • Corpus Analysis

  • Internationalization and sustainability